Webinar Recording: The ICHRA Revolution

Vericred and Milliman discuss how and why ICHRAs are gaining traction, and what health insurers should be thinking about as they prepare to join “The ICHRA Revolution”. 

In this webinar recording, two industry experts explore this new iteration of employer-sponsored health insurance and we learn why ICHRAs are the hottest topic in employer group benefits. 

The complete agenda includes: 

  • ICHRAs explained
  • The ICHRA decision process and implementation
  • Early adoption trends
  • The “sweet spot” for health insurers
  • What carriers should be thinking about to capitalize on ICHRAs
  • ICHRA-driven innovation happening around the industry


Michael W. Levin

Co-founder and CEO, Vericred

Michael W. Levin is the co-founder and CEO of Vericred, the first end-to-end quoting, enrollment and member management API platform for health insurance and employee benefits. By simplifying the exchange of data between carriers and technology companies, Vericred is enabling the digital transformation of the health insurance and employee benefits industry.
Based in New York and backed by leading investors, Vericred offers robust solutions for the employer market, as well as the under 65 individual, Medicaid and Medicare markets. The company has cultivated several accolades, including being named a Top Innovator on the Global InsurTech 100 list, consecutively from 2018-2020.  
Zach Harris

Managing Director, Milliman

Zach Harris is the Managing Director of the Bavvy platform for Milliman.  Zach has over 25 years of industry and technology experience starting his career as an independent broker, in 2012 his agency was sold, and he entered the technology space.  Since then, he has been a leader in the insurance technology sector as a founder and lead executive serving in several roles.  Prior to joining Milliman, Zach was with Ease formerly Ease Central.  While at Ease he led all business development and carrier integration efforts establishing and scaling the Omaha location.